The price of the perfect US fake Rolex Daytona rose too much in the past year. I think the price will continue to rise this year. Here I will tell you the reasons. If you think what I tell is wrong, you can tell me your opinions.

The cool appearance

The color matching of the green and gold is eye-catching.
Brilliant Rolex Daytona Fake

The iconic green dial makes the gold case copy Rolex very distinctive and recognizable. For people who are interested in high-key products, it has met their requirements perfectly. In addition to the delicate appearance, the movement also performs reliably and precisely.

The design is suitable for both men and women

The gold Daytona is suitable for both men and women.
40 MM Rolex Daytona Imitation Watch

With the 40 mm case and widely designed dial, the knockoff watch with gold bracelet will be harmonious even on the slim wrists. That is the reason why Rolex is not only popular among men but also among women.

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