‘Aspiration’ is a word that is often used when we talk about AAA Rolex replica watches. Something that shows others who we are, where we’re at, and the direction we’re heading in. What a Rolex says is something a little different, things like ‘I’ve made it’, ‘catch me if you can’ and ‘I bet you wouldn’t mind being me?!’

Although most people will associate cheap US Rolex fake watches with Switzerland like the majority of major watch manufacturers, the brand was actually founded in London, England, in 1905. Back then the company was called Wilsdorf and Davis. It wasn’t until after the First World War in 1919 when the company upped sticks and moved to the more neutral (and more tax-friendly!) surroundings of Geneva that the watchmaker took on the name it is so fondly known as today.

Since those humble beginnings, Rolex has led from the front in terms of design and innovation. In 1926, they produced the world’s first-ever waterproof replica Rolex watches for sale, the Oyster, with its airtight casing that ensured optimum movement when in and around water, and even sat on the wrist of Mercedes Glieitz as she swam for 10 hours non-stop across the English channel. This flirtation with swimming propelled Rolex into other sports and even aviation – and was seen by many during the era as the innovative time teller for innovative times.

In more recent years Rolex has been about perfecting their creations, incorporating small, yet effective, details into their designs to maximise functionality, practicality and overall aesthetic – whilst testing the limits of an everyday watch. These days, Rolex is perhaps the world’s most iconic luxury brand and one of the world’s biggest watchmakers.

Despite the fact that Rolex makes thousands of top copy watches a year, their insane popularity means it’s often exceedingly difficult to purchase one at retail. Waiting lists for popular models can extend into the years. If there’s a particular model you’re after, we recommend scouting out your retailer of choice, building up a relationship, and being patient.

Replica Rolex Datejust 41 Watches

Reference Number: 126300-0022

Case Size: 41mm

Material: Oystersteel

Bracelet: Jubilee

Price: AU$11,400

Next up we have the perfect Rolex Datejust fake watches, which is similar to the Oyster Perpetual but includes a date window, visible through a magnifying ‘Cyclops’ lens. The Datejust is one of the most versatile watches in Rolex’s catalogue and continues to be a popular choice among collectors.

Also, like the Oyster Perpetual, the Swiss movements Rolex Datejust replica watches comes in many different sizes, case materials and so on. This example is made from Oystersteel (what Rolex calls their proprietary stainless steel alloy), is mounted on a Jubilee bracelet (one of a few signature Rolex bracelet designs) and features a mint green ‘fluted’ dial, a new design introduced in 2022.

Fake Rolex Day-Date 40 ‘President’ Watches

Reference Number: 228238-0003

Case Size: 40mm

Material: Yellow Gold

Bracelet: President

Price: AU$52,850

No other watch screams ‘old money’ quite like the classic 1:1 China replica Rolex Day-Date ‘President’ watches. The nickname specifically refers to the yellow gold version of this watch on a ‘President’ bracelet and refers to the fact that every US President from LBJ to Clinton wore one of these bad boys while in office.

As the name implies, it features a day and a date window, the former spelling out the day of the week in full. The Day-Date is only ever made in precious metals (primarily gold) and is available in 16 different languages. This year, Rolex even released a fully platinum version of the Swiss wholesale Rolex Day-Date super clone watches – but the President is a timeless classic.

Rolex GMT-Master II ‘Sprite’ Replica Watches

Reference Number: 126720VTNR-0001

Case Size: 41mm

Material: Oystersteel

Bracelet: Oyster

Price: AU$15,500

Unveiled this year at Watches & Wonders Geneva and also called the ‘Destro’, the best fake Rolex GMT-Master II ‘Sprite’ watches is one of the most unusual and out-there watches Rolex has released in years. It’s a left-handed watch (i.e. designed for those who wear their watch on their right hand) but unlike most leftie watches, the date window and the crown are mounted at 9 o’clock instead of 3 o’clock.

If that wasn’t unusual enough, the replica Rolex Sprite/Destro watches shop site also features a brand-new and totally exclusive bezel colour combination, black and green. While it’s designed for lefties, people of all sorts of handedness have been snapping these up, and demand is fierce.

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