The AAA US Rolex Air-King replica watches used to be a very odd watch in the Rolex catalog. So odd, in fact, that many predicted the model would soon be discontinued. This did not happen. Instead, best replica Rolex watches’ designers refreshed the Air-King earlier in 2022, adjusting many of the elements that were previously criticized. Comparing both perfect Rolex fake watches side by side, we now wonder: did they succeed?

When Lex first saw the refreshed 1:1 wholesale replica Rolex Air-King watches— reference 126900 — he found himself in an unexpected spot: he actually liked it. He couldn’t say the same for the previous version — reference 116900 — which was in production for the past six years. And he wasn’t alone. Many of the Fratelli thought that the previous design of the top Rolex Air-King copy watches was flawed. The dial appeared unbalanced, the case and bracelet seemed unfit for a modern tool watch from Rolex, and the polished 3, 6, and 9 numerals didn’t exactly help either.

It seems like Rolex came to the same conclusion. The brand has completely overhauled the cheap Rolex Air-King replica watches and has gotten rid of all the shortcomings mentioned above. Now, some of you might not consider those to have been shortcomings — it still comes down to personal preference, of course. However, looking at your comments and listening to the members of our community, the majority seems to prefer the new design.

Luckily, we had both Swiss movements Rolex super clone watches in our office to compare them side-by-side. Our conclusion? Potentially, one of them is the one to wear, while the other one is the one to own.

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