The lead-up to Watches & Wonders is always filled with anticipation. And nothing is more anticipated than the lineup of new watches to be released at the trade show by the king of the hill, the big kahuna, the envy of the industry: a little brand called luxury fake Rolex.

This morning, Swiss made replica Rolex dropped a teaser video hinting at what’s to come (see below). It shows just enough to justify damn near any speculation, which of course is part of the fun. And since we’re less than a week away from March 27, when all will be revealed, we choose to speculate as follows.

That’s right. It’s time for us to release our hopes and dreams (we’ll call them predictions) for what’s to come…mere days before those hopes and dreams get shattered.

We put a call out to the entire Hodinkee editorial team to send in their wish for a 2023 perfect super clone Rolex novelty and then did our absolute best Photoshop work to turn those wishes into digital reality. There were no rules, no boundaries – the choices were only limited by our graphic design capability.

Without further ado, here is our 2023 predictions for best 1:1 replica Rolex ahead of Watches & Wonders. Come right back here on Monday morning when the real watches are set to break the internet. See you then.

Salmon Dial “3-6-9” Oyster Perpetual
Look at the cheap fake Rolex Oyster Perpetual lineup. No seriously, just look at it. It’s kind of boring, right? Sure, it had a moment a couple years ago when Rolex released all those colorful Stella-inspired dials, but the fun only lasted a year, and unless your name was LeBron or Marky Mark, you probably didn’t get one. Now, the aaa quality replica Rolex lineup is down to the green, don’t-call-it-Tiffany blue, and classic colors like blue and black. Yawn. Compare that with the Datejust line. Dials laser-etched with palms, pyramids, and flowers – the Datejust is a veritable cornucopia next to the staid OP lineup.

When Swiss movement replica Rolex updated the OP line back in 2020, it axed the OP 39, much to the chagrin of many enthusiasts. It wasn’t just because of the increased size – the effective size of the current OP 41 and OP 39 is actually pretty close (the lug-to-lug on both is about 47mm) – but the 39 had marvelous color options. The most loved might be the white dial top super clone Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39, but the grape, rhodium, and even blue (with its bright-green accents), all had just the right amount of color for a watch that hit the Goldilocks zone for a time-only proposition.

This year, Rolex super clone for sale should put some different dials in the Oyster Perpetual lineup. Let’s bring some colors like those previous OP 39 models, with sunburst dials and bright complementary accents; more than that, I’d love to see Swiss copy Rolex treat the OP a bit more like the Datejust, trying laser-etched dials and all kinds of different dial treatments.

My suggestion draws on one of my favorite dials from modern-ish high quality replica Rolex Oyster Perpetual: the salmon 3-6-9 that came in the Air-King of the ’90s. Let’s bring that salmon dial back in the OP 36 and 41. Sure, I’d prefer if the 41 were 39, but now I’m asking for too much. – Tony Traina, Editor

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