Rolex Won The Regatta With This Year’s Set Of Top Rolex Yacht-Master Fake Watches Wholesale

At 8:30 AM last Wednesday (Geneva time), when everyone stateside was tucked into their beds, the entire set of new Rolex novelties hit the internet. We immediately turned our focus to a certain left-sided crown luxury US replica Rolex GMT-Master II watches with a green and black bezel, and the new Air-King with crown guards and professional case. But those weren’t the only releases from The Crown this year. In fact, when the HODINKEE team visited the Rolex booth (I really need to stop calling these things booths) at Watches & Wonders, one collection took us all by surprise: The Yacht-Master.

Now, I don’t have a complete understanding of the personal lives of my colleagues, but I think it’s fair for me to say that not one of us is a competitive yachts-person and yet nearly every one of us was jazzed to handle the new 42mm AAA best Rolex Yacht-Master fake watches in yellow gold on the Oysterflex bracelet. Yellow gold has a tendency to do that.

In fact, this is one of the reasons I am so happy that trade shows are back and we’re able to handle perfect Rolex replica watches in person and report back to you, the readers, on our observations. I think it’s likely that we would have overlooked this release as nothing more than a change in metal. But to my mind, this new case material results in a Yacht-Master the way it always should have been: Flashy, but no less sporty. The yellow gold execution just feels right.

Of course, that wasn’t the only news to come off the yacht. We weren’t able to see it, but high quality Rolex copy watches unveiled a new white gold variant with something called a Falcon’s Eye dial which looks about as cool as anything I’ve seen out of the “house that Wilsdorf built” in years. I’ll reserve full judgment until I see it in person, though.

But there was even more yacht-watch action that had the room waiting to touch and feel (I’ll never stop saying that). I’m talking about the 40mm white gold AAA wholesale replica Rolex Yacht-Master watches with diamond-set lugs, and a rotating bezel fully set with an array of colorful sapphires.

I don’t want this point to be lost on anyone. The bezel has no text, numerals, or any useful markings. It’s just adorned with sapphires and yet – Rolex super clone watches for sale still made it rotate. You just have to love that. It almost bears repeating the “no sapphire left unturned” joke I made in the introductory article. Well, I guess I just repeated it anyway.

It really is interesting that the Swiss made Rolex fake watches you think we’d scoff at in press photos are the ones we were most excited to try on in person. The sapphire YM made its way around the table multiple times, as each of us wanted a second and third time with it on the wrist. From a size perspective, I have always loved the 40mm YM, and the colorful blingy-ness of this one really makes it a larger-than-life timepiece.

But it was the YG YM that really caught my eye. Prior to W&W, we wrote an article about 2022 Rolex replica watches we hoped to see this year. I chose one I knew we would never see, which was a Submariner with a Yacht-Master bezel. I just love the matte-ceramic look and feel of this bezel with the tone-on-tone raised numerals. For a model range that comes predominantly in precious metals, it is interesting to see such a utilitarian, toolish look paired with gold. This is in contrast to the steel Submariner, which utilizes a shiny Cerachrom bezel.

On the wrist, the 42mm version wears exactly like you would expect a 42mm fake Rolex watches store online to wear. It isn’t deceptively small, or overly large – but it is big. I have a six-and-a-third-inch wrist and I am not sure I could wear this one daily. Much of that has to do with the Oysterflex bracelet – and yes it is technically a bracelet and not a strap. You see, as comfortable as it is (and it’s mighty comfortable), it bows out slightly and doesn’t hug the wrist as tightly as a traditional bracelet does. Unfortunately, this makes a 42mm watch wear exactly as advertised, which in my case makes the watch a tad too big (though fingers crossed for a future 37mm version).

This was a bit of a bummer for me to experience in the room because as a design object, the yellow gold Yacht-Master is a total stunner. The black dial, maxi lume plots, and the date window all work to form a well-proportioned timepiece. Of course, this is a purely aesthetic update and the China replica Rolex watches continues to feature the Superlative Chronometer-rated 3235 caliber.

I really think the entire YM collection is criminally underrated by the general watch-loving public, but I also understand that price is a factor in these things, and at $28,300 the yellow gold model isn’t necessarily a bargain. Of course you can always spring for the steel model with platinum bezel in 40mm sizing, but that really feels like a different watch entirely.

My high-level observations of this watch are that it’s a logical addition to the Yacht-Master fray. I suspect we’ll see more of these in the wild than we did the white gold model because WG is a metal that flies under the radar. If you’re buying gold, you want someone to know. It has the heft you want from a solid gold watch, but it’s balanced by the cushioned comfort of the Oysterflex. In a world where steel cheap imitation Rolex sport watches are trending around the price of this model on the secondary market, is it so crazy to spring for YG and get your name on the warranty card?

A Thunderbirds Pilot’s Legacy Lives On Through Gold Best US Replica Rolex Watches

Every luxury Rolex replica watches is a vessel for a story, and a simple engraving is one way to reveal it. Always read the caseback.

Take the AAA US fake Rolex Ref. 6605 watches currently up for auction at Heritage Auctions. Its case is 34mm, made from solid 18k gold, and the aging matte-white dial bears an insignia at 6 o’clock, depicting the Thunderbird, a mythical creature that appears in the oral and written traditions of Indigenous-American tribes across North America; it’s said that lightning arcs from its eyes and thunder bursts from its wings.

Flip the high quality replica Rolex watches over and it gets even more interesting. Inscribed in the caseback is “Herman E. Griffin, The Thunderbirds”.

Captain Herman Griffin was a United States Air Force officer and pilot with the Air Force’s flight demonstration team, the Thunderbirds. He was part of the team from 1958-60, and at the time it was standard practice for Rolex to give each pilot a watch – sometimes in solid gold – with the flight team’s insignia on the dial. Plenty of these models have crossed the block before, but what sets this example apart is the fact that it’s a ref. 6606, cheap Rolex Datejust replica watches, and not a ref. 6609, a “Turn-O-Graph” like many examples that have been sold in recent years from Christie’s, Phillips, and Sotheby’s.

Any reference with a Thunderbird insignia is a highly desirable vintage Rolex, and for good reason. It’s a relic of the days when Swiss Rolex copy watches were championed by the men and women pushing the boundaries of aviation and putting their lives on the line daily. Starting in ’56, the Thunderbirds flew the F-100C Super Sabre, the first supersonic fighter, making them the first supersonic aircraft demonstration team in the world – Capt. Griffin was one of them.

Chuck Yeager had famously piloted the Bell X-1 to 662mph, breaking the sound barrier in ’47. Less than a decade later the Thunderbirds were breaking the sound barrier during weekly demonstrations to the amazement of crowds around the globe. At subsonic speeds, the planes flew in tight formation, less than ten feet apart. Now, according to the USAF Thunderbirds fact sheet, “more than 280 million people in all 50 states and 57 foreign countries have seen the red, white, and blue Thunderbirds jets in more than 3,500 aerial demonstrations.”

The Rolex Thunderbird and the Aerial Demonstration Team That Inspired the Nickname

In the early 1950s, America was keen to tout its newfound military position with a recruitment tool that made a sonic boom-sized statement. On June 1, 1953 the Thunderbirds were activated at Luke AFB, Arizona, and they flew the F-84G Thunderjet and the F-84F Thunderstreak. The F-84 platform was celebrated for its role in the Korean War, which had ended the same year the Thunderbirds were created. The team’s goal was to inspire confidence in the United States Air Force among the public, recruit and retain future and current airmen, and “strengthen morale and esprit de corps among Air Force members” while “positively representing the professionalism and goodwill of the United States abroad.” At 4:00 in the video below, you’ll see Capt. Griffin chatting with fellow Thunderbirds pilots.

It was the first time in history that the public had a front-row view of the incredible machines that were breaking the sound barrier and defending the country around the world. The Thunderbirds were a phenomenon that captivated public imagination and brought massive crowds out to hear the intoxicating turbojet whistle and precision maneuvering. In 1956, the Thunderbirds expanded their presence and moved to Nellis AFB to facilitate the F-100 Super Sabre, the supersonic platform that Griffin flew. The new jets were much faster, louder, and featured an even more aggressive swept-wing design than the F-84 before it.

And such a sight had a watch to match. Top Rolex replica watches capitalized on the popularity of the Thunderbirds by giving a watch to each pilot and then producing an example of the same watch to sell to the public. There isn’t an official record or account from Rolex, but the story goes that after issuing Swiss movements Rolex super clone watches to the pilots, Rolex developed a marketing campaign around the Thunderbirds and dubbed their own 6609 perfect fake Rolex Datejust Turn-O-Graph watches the “Thunderbird.” Period advertisements support this theory. A solid gold 6609 Turn-O-Graph bearing the Thunderbirds insignia was offered for sale to the public for a mere $1,000 alongside the ones given to the pilots.

The reference was produced from ’56 to ’59 and featured a “roulette” date wheel: the date printed on the date wheel alternates between black and red. This specific reference, with the Thunderbirds crest, is incredibly desirable and has seen a dramatic price increase on the auction circuit.

But what makes Griffin’s high quality Rolex replica watches different is that it is not a 6609, but a 6605. Another one of these Thunderbirds 6605 references surfaced last year through Phillips, and it belonged to Capt. Gayle Williams. A ’70s Thunderbirds fan magazine corroborates that both Griffin and Williams served the Thunderbirds from ’58-’59. Williams was the Left Wing, and Griffin was the solo pilot. They were both given the same watch, a solid gold 6605 with the Thunderbirds crest, and were photographed extensively wearing the watch during their service.

The reference 6605 isn’t the usual reference associated with the Thunderbirds, but Capt. Griffin wasn’t your stereotypical pilot either.

The High-Flying Tales of Capt. Griffin

When Herman Griffin passed away, Tom Griffin, his grandson, was seven years old. Tom doesn’t remember much about his grandfather, but the legacy of his Thunderbirds-pilot grandfather filled his youthful imagination with old flying stories.

Tom told me that Herman Griffin formed some of his fearlessness early on in life. “My grandfather grew up in an orphanage, and any time a new boy would show up, he’d fight them to see what they were made of. He also frequently got caught sneaking out of the orphanage.”

And that wasn’t the only time Griffin bent the rules. “My sister and I have heard slightly different stories, but in either San Francisco or London, my grandfather took his jet during a practice session and flew it right under a bridge just to see if it could be done,” Tom says. And of course, he did successfully fly the F-100C under a bridge, but “during the debriefing, he was firmly told to never, ever, under any circumstance, do that again.”

The Thunderbirds did not incorporate that maneuver into the routine during that show in San Francisco or London.

But those nerves of steel in the cockpit paid off. After his tenure as a Thunderbird, he went on to become an experimental test pilot. During my research, I came across an incident report from September 16th, 1959: While Griffin was training, a landing gear failure occurred, creating a scenario where it was impossible to land safely. Griffin ditched the jet in an unpopulated area in Kentucky and safely ejected. He had to let go of the plane.

And Tom Griffin feels it’s time to let go of his grandfather’s watch. It’s as simple as that. He wore it once, for his wedding, but he remembers growing up watching his dad take it out every few years and giving it a little shake to make sure it still ticked.

The Rolex fake watches wholesale online will leave the family and likely find a new home with a well-heeled Rolex collector. But the engraving in the caseback will forever remain unchanged, marking the man whose high-flying adventures and commitment to the mission of the Thunderbirds allow them to keep inspiring us to this very day.

If you’ve never seen them perform before, you owe it to yourself to take in some of the best precision flying on the planet. Or you can make an offer on the replica Rolex watches store site and experience precision timekeeping with a historical connection to the Thunderbirds.

Ultimate Guide To The AAA US Fake Rolex Datejust Watches

The Datejust is luxury Rolex replica watches’ best-selling model for good reason. Introduced in 1945, it remains popular to this day because of its timeless aesthetic and vast range of designs that cater to just about any taste.

While it does not have the cult following of the Rolex Daytona or Rolex Submariner, all watch collectors have immense respect for the Datejust – and that’s the beauty of the collection. Both the casual watch wearer and the seasoned collector will agree that Swiss made Rolex Datejust fake watches is definitely worth having.

In the market for a Rolex Datejust? Get to know the history of the collection and the different options available to you with the help of ultimate guide.

About the Rolex Datejust

It’s hard to imagine it now, but the date complication was a game-changer when it was introduced to the best US replica Rolex watches world. When the Rolex Datejust was launched in 1945, it became the first wristwatch whose date automatically changed at midnight, without the need for manual adjustment. At long last, the date will be just, all the time.

Unveiled on the 40th anniversary of Rolex, the Datejust today is an industry classic, whose long and rich heritage is marked by the following events:

1945: Rolex creates the Swiss movements Rolex Datejust copy watches in celebration of the brand’s 40th anniversary. It introduces an automatically changing date and comes with a special five-link bracelet called the Jubilee.

1953: Rolex adds a Cyclops lens over the date to improve legibility. The lens is placed on the surface of the glass, just right above the date.

1954: The Rolex Datejust “Turn-O-Graph” is introduced. It features a rotating bezel, which back then was a new and easier way to measure elapsed time.

1957: The Rolex date complication becomes instantaneous (instead of rolling over slowly for a few hours). The Lady-Datejust is also introduced.

1960s: The Midsize Datejust is introduced. Measuring 31mm, it’s sized between the Lady-Datejust and the Men’s Datejust.

1977: The Oysterquartz Datejust is introduced. Rolex creates its very own quartz movement as an answer to the growing popularity of Japanese quartz perfect Rolex replica watches.

2009: The Datejust II with a 41mm case is introduced. For the first time since 1945, the Datejust is given a case size larger than 36mm.

2015: The Lady-Datejust 28 replaces the Lady-Datejust 26, to meet modern preference for larger watches.

2016: The Datejust 41 replaces the Datejust II. It retains the same 41mm case, but with proportions closer to the classic Datejust.

Key Features of the Rolex Datejust

Even with more than 70 years of history, the Rolex Datejust’s design has remained largely unchanged. In fact, it has become emblematic, with its key features adapted to the rest of the Rolex collection: the Jubilee bracelet, the Cyclops window, the two-tone metal combination dubbed Rolesor, and many more.

With the vast variety of sizes, metals, dial colors and textures available, the Rolex Datejust is the brand’s most varied collection – there is certainly a Datejust for every preference. Yet, regardless of design variations, the Datejust is always instantly recognizable thanks to its iconic look. The features of the Rolex Datejust has evolved through the decades, but the following components remain:


Created by Rolex in 1926, the Oyster was the world’s first waterproof case made for a wristwatch. Its patented system of screwing down the bezel, caseback, and winding crown against the middle case protects the movement from dust and moisture, and provides optimum water resistance. Each top Rolex Datejust fake watches comes in an Oyster case, in a variety of sizes:

– Lady-Datejust – 26mm, 28mm and 31mm

– Rolex Date – 34mm

– Rolex Datejust – 36mm

– Rolex Datejust II and Datejust 41 – 41mm


The distinguishing feature of the cheap replica Rolex Datejust watches, from the very beginning, was the date aperture at 3 o’clock. With the addition of the instantaneous date mechanism, where the date instantly changes at midnight; and the Cyclops magnification lens to the surface of the crystal, the Rolex Datejust set the standard for how date complications should look and function.


Unlike the Rolex Submariner, GMT-Master, or Explorer which are tool Rolex super clone watches wholesale, the Rolex Datejust has a decorative bezel over a functional one, with the exception of the Rolex Turnograph bezels. Its classic models come with either a smooth domed bezel, or a fluted bezel made of gold, for its two-tone designs. Meanwhile, there are also bezels decorated with diamonds and sapphires. The Rolex Datejust has been offered with the following bezel types:

– Smooth

– Fluted

– Gem-set

– Engine-turned (discontinued)

– Rotating Turn-O-Graph (discontinued)


The now iconic Jubilee bracelet was originally designed for the Rolex Datejust in 1945, and remains an option for the collection today. The Oyster bracelet features flat, three-piece links and is paired with the Oysterclasp; while the Jubilee has rounded five-piece links, and is fitted with a concealed Crownclasp. These two are the most commonly seen bracelets on the collection, however, other bracelet designs have been paired with sub-collections of the Rolex Datejust:

– Three-link Oyster

– Five-link Jubilee

– Three-link President (exclusive to Lady-Datejust and midsize Datejust models)

– Leather straps (discontinued)

– Integrated Jubilee and Oyster (exclusive to Oysterquartz and discontinued)

Generations of the Rolex Datejust

The Datejust has received a number of movement and aesthetic upgrades throughout its history and Rolex continuously improves upon its iconic design. Here are the different generations of replica Rolex Datejust watches for men and women and their distinct features.


1940s – 1950s

Reference numbers: 4XXX, 5XXX, 61XX, 63XX

The earliest models of the Rolex Datejust had domed case backs to accommodate the movement, which are dubbed “bubble backs”. They also did not bear the DATEJUST name on the dial until 1957.


Reference numbers: 66XX

Movements: Caliber 1065 automatic movement

This generation ushered in the flat case back and thinner silhouette of the Datejust still seen today. The DATEJUST text also began appearing on the dial. The acrylic crystal was also equipped with the Cyclops lens, which magnifies the date up to 2.5 times for better legibility.

1959 – 1977

Reference numbers: 16XX

Movements: Caliber 1560 or 1570 automatic movement

Equipped with a new movement, this generation of fake Rolex Datejust watches shop site have the hacking function, where one can set a watch’s second hand together with the minutes and hours. The markers now have luminescence for better readability. Earlier examples have radium lume, before Rolex switched to tritium in 1963.


1977 – 1987

Reference numbers: 160XX

Movements: Caliber 3035 automatic movement

This generation features the quickset date function, where the user can independently adjust the date display without adjusting the hands that display the time.

1977 – 2000s / Rolex Datejust Oysterquartz

Reference numbers: 17XXX, 190XX, 191XX

Movements: Caliber 5035 quartz movement

This sub-collection of Rolex Datejust replica watches store feature Rolex’s 5035 quartz movement. This was the only instance of quartz watches from Rolex, who had to adapt to the Quartz Revolution. These watches also feature more angular cases, and integrated Oyster and Jubilee bracelets.

1988 – mid 2000s / Five Digit Rolex Datejust Models

Reference numbers: 162XX

Movements: Caliber 3135 automatic movement

Along with the new Caliber 3135, the Rolex Datejust now had scratch-resistant sapphire crystals to protect the dial. Rolex also began using higher-grade 904L steel for select references. By the late 1990s, the tritium luminescence was replaced with LumiNova, and again upgraded to Super-LumiNova in the 2000s.


2000s – 2009 / Six Digit Rolex Datejust Models

Reference numbers: 1162XX

Movements: Caliber 3135 automatic movement

The mid-2000s marked the arrival of redesigned Datejust cases. These contemporary styles feature thicker lugs and updated bracelets with polished center links, solid end-links, and Easylink clasps.

2009 – 2015 / Rolex Datejust II

Reference numbers: 1163XX

Movements: Caliber 3136 automatic movement

To adapt to the growing popularity of larger Rolex fake watches online, Rolex introduced the Datejust II In 2009. With its 41mm case, this marked the first time that Rolex offered a men’s size aside from the original 36mm. Aside from the larger case, it also featured thicker lugs and a wider bezel.

2016 – present / Rolex Datejust 41

Reference numbers: 1263XX

Movements: Caliber 3235 automatic movement

In 2016, Rolex discontinued the Datejust II in favor of the Datejust 41. While it kept the 41mm case size, the new Datejust 41 had proportions similar to the classic Datejust, and was fitted with a new-generation movement. The Datejust 41 is considered a more elegant take than the robust and sporty Datejust II. Additionally, the Datejust 41 offers an option between the Oyster and Jubilee bracelet.

2018 – present / New generation Rolex Datejust 36

Reference numbers: 1262XX

Movements: Caliber 3235 automatic movement

In 2018, Rolex updated the Datejust 36 collection with the new-generation Caliber 3235 movement. The in-house automatic movement offers a longer 70 hour power reserve, and is two times more precise than an officially certified chronometer, with an accuracy of -2/+2 seconds per day.

Popular Rolex Datejust Models

There is a broad range of China Rolex Datejust replica watches available, but there are a few that have earned cult status. Here are the most popular Rolex Datejust models of today.


If someone says “Rolex Datejust” you likely have a picture of a two-tone, steel and gold watch in your head. The design has become so ubiquitous and well-known in the previous decades, particularly in the 1980s, when it became a staple among Wall Street traders – a sign that someone has made it.  It was seen as a retro design choice by many until recently, when Rolex provided modern iterations like the larger Rolex Datejust 41 and redesigned Rolex Datejust 36.


Introduced in 2009 with the Rolex Datejust II, and later on adapted to the Datejust 41, the ‘Wimbledon’ dial comes with a slate grey face and Roman markers outlined with a forest green color. The two-tone version has been closely promoted together with the Wimbledon tennis tournament, and it strikes a resemblance to the court clocks used during the games, thus many have seen this as a nod to the tournament.

Roger Federer has also been spotted wearing the Rolex Datejust ‘Wimbledon’ several times, most notably in 2017, when he won his record eighth Wimbledon title.

The ‘Wimbledon’ dial can be seen in various Rolex Datejust 41 styles, whether in full stainless steel, white Rolesor, yellow gold Rolesor, and Everose Rolesor.


Rolex is a leader in the use of mother of pearl in their dials. Not only have they used the natural material on ladies watches, but in AAA top fake Rolex men’s watches, as well. In particular, the material has provided a luxurious feel to the larger and sportier Datejust 41 collection. Often paired with brilliant-cut diamond hour markers, this design makes for a bold statement piece for casual, business, or formal occasions.

Common Questions About the Rolex Datejust

The Rolex Datejust was the first self-winding wristwatch to have a date window aperture. Because of its classic style and wide variety of options, it is one of Rolex’s best-selling models. Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Rolex Datejust.


The Rolex Datejust is a classically-designed self-winding chronometer wristwatch introduced by Rolex in 1945. It is characterized by an Oyster case and a date display at 3 o’clock.


The illustrious status of the Rolex Datejust replica watches paypal makes it a target of many counterfeiters. Being a Rolex, the Datejust is made to the highest standards and using the highest-quality materials. Before buying your watch, look for any signs of sub-standard manufacturing. For example, check for any missing or misaligned text, see if the Cyclops lens is perfectly centered over the date, and lookout for a seconds hand that jumps from one second to the next, instead of a sweeping motion. If even the smallest detail comes across as shoddy, you can be certain that it’s not a real Rolex.


Rolex generally recommends for professional servicing every 10 years to maintain your watch’s accuracy and waterproofness. However, this would all depend on how your watch is used and stored. There may be signs that your watch needs a service sooner rather than later.

Here are Signs It’s Time for Watch Maintenance.


You would have to wind your watch if it is being worn for the first time, or if it has stopped. To do this, unscrew the winding crown until it loosens free from the threads holding it onto the case. Then, turn it several times away from you (clockwise). We recommend at least 25 turns for adequate winding. The watch will stay wound automatically as long as it is worn regularly.

Pregnant Rihanna Breaks Internet While Wearing Customized Perfect US Rolex King Midas Replica Watches

I woke up this morning to an extremely urgent text from my WBFF (watch bff) JJ Owens: A screenshot of People magazine’s Instagram post announcing the pregnancy of Rihanna, who was photographed strolling through Harlem with her boyfriend A$AP Rocky, “in her luxury Rolex replica watches, no less!”

I zoomed into the photo, wondering if JJ had ID’d the watch correctly. Perhaps she was confusing it with RiRi’s vintage Cartier Santos that she likes to wear to the grocery store? But of course, the identification was spot-on, as confirmed by Hypebae earlier this month. It’s an 18K gold AAA US fake Rolex King Midas watches, customized by jeweler Patcharavipa Bodiratnangkura.

The Rolex King Midas is said to have been designed by the iconic Gérald Genta in the early ’60s, as pointed out by Christie’s in a 2013 catalog for its Important Watches auction. Genta himself once said, in an interview with Very Important Watches from 2009, “I have only designed one Rolex, which still exists today and forms part of the high quality replica Rolex Cellini collection watches” (the King Midas would eventually be enveloped into the broader Rolex Cellini line).

The cheap wholesale Rolex copy watches is aptly named after the ruler in Greek mythology who turned everything he touched into gold – much as Rihanna does with music and every other project she puts her name behind, whether it be lingerie or inclusive beauty products. As with Genta’s more popular designs (the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, the Patek Philippe Nautilus), the inspiration for the manually wound King Midas came from real life – this time the Parthenon temple in Athens. Indeed, if you place the Swiss made Rolex replica watches on its side, you’ll see its symmetrical case shape resembles the Parthenon’s angled roof, held together by a thick integrated bracelet.

It only makes sense why Rihanna would gravitate toward such an unconventional gold piece – I mean, this is the woman who once wore a “Magnificent Gold” Met Gala dress that took 50,000 hours to make. In this case, the word MIDAS is spelled out in Greek lettering on the dial (replaced by “Cellini,” later down the line), which tells me that RiRi’s watch came from the OG litter that previously caught the attention of both Elvis Presley and, um, John Wayne – a helpful reminder that best Rolex fake watches-flaunting celebrities are nothing new.

With such an esteemed pedigree, the horological purists out there must be cringing at the fact that Rihanna’s version of this watch has been altered. But, as I pointed out in my recent Harper’s Bazaar piece on the baggage weighing down 1:1 online super clone Rolex watches customization, collectors are entitled to do whatever they like with the pieces they buy. GIA-certified designer Bodiratnangkura took special care embellishing this knockout design, staying true to her “aesthetic audacity and a delicate handling of materiality and texture.” I think it’s both audacious and stunning.

Thailand-born Bodiratnangkura is heavily influenced by her family heirlooms, and she hopes for all her creations to become heirlooms themselves. I can’t help but imagine Rihanna and A$AP Rocky’s baby inevitably growing into one of the coolest people in the world, and someday rocking this special replica Rolex watches for sale.