Naples, 1 July 2022 – He snatches a 10 thousand euro 1:1 US Rolex replica watches, arrested after months of investigation. The thefts of luxury Swiss Rolex fake watches, often commissioned by the Camorra, do not stop. After the big blow to the French actor Daniel Auteuil, robbed in Naples of a very expensive Patek Philippe, and the Roman collector cleaned of perfect replica Rolex watches and watches of various brands, the investigators do not let their guard down. And, after a long manhunt, the Naples mobile squad yesterday arrested a 31-year-old, accused of a robbery carried out on April 13 near Piazza Mercato.

Victim of the robbery an English tourist, attacked on the street while walking with his wife. Two people approached him and, after grabbing his arm, they stole his top Rolex copy watches and then went away on a scooter. The investigations made it possible to reconstruct the dynamics of the facts and to identify in the 31-year-old the alleged material author of the robbery, in competition with other people not yet identified.

Yesterday morning the mobile team carried out a precautionary custody order with which the investigating judge of Naples, at the request of the Neapolitan Public Prosecutor, ordered the custody in prison against the 31-year-old for the crimes of robbery with Swiss movements Rolex super clone watches and aggravated injuries.

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