We’ll stay with the cream dials for a bit with our next pick. It’s an obvious choice, but that doesn’t mean we love this watch any less. The watch in question is the perfect replica Rolex Explorer II ref. 16550 “Cream Dial” that was produced from 1985 until 1987. This short-lived reference is a transitional model that preceded the famous 1:1 fake Rolex Explorer II ref. 16570 (some early examples of which also have discolored dials). The ref. 16550 was the follow-up to the legendary first-generation Explorer II ref. 1655. The watch was introduced with a bigger 40mm stainless steel case and a new overall aesthetic. It’s the same general design that luxury replica Rolex US still uses for its current Explorer II ref. 226570, though that looks even more modern.

Inside the case, Swiss made replica Rolex powered the watch with its in-house caliber 3085. This automatic movement debuted in 1983 for the first GMT-Master II, also known as “The Fat Lady.” It was the first Rolex GMT caliber with an independently adjustable 12-hour hand. But the story of this ref. 16550 is all about the dial. As most of you know, high quality fake Rolex used white paint for these dials, which slowly changed color over time. Along with that, the tritium lume also changed color over time. In the best cases, the colors match and create a wonderful cream-colored visage.

The magic of a “Rail Dial”
But even the models with different dial and lume colors make for really nice timepieces. Once again, there is a certain charm that adds to the overall appeal of this specific Rolex Explorer II replica for sale.

Swiss movement replica Rolex quickly corrected the mistake after noticing it, making the pieces fairly rare. I say “fairly” as there are plenty available for sale. However, as they are very desirable for collectors, prices for these high end copy watches are steep. Expect them to start at roughly €20K and move up to around €45K for the rare versions with a “Rail Dial.”

The “Rail Dial” versions are my absolute favorites. What does this nickname mean? Well, for a small portion of the cream-dial ref. 16550s, the best quality copy Rolex designers aligned the “C” in “Chronometer” in the first line with the “C” in “Certified” in the second line of text on the lower part of the dial. As someone who worked in graphic design, I strongly prefer symmetry and logic regarding font types and text placement, so that’s why I love these dials so much. Only a few cheap fake Rolex Explorer II dials (such as this one) provide this visual bliss, making them the most expensive of the brilliant cream-dial Explorer II ref. 16550 models.

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